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Violin & Fiddle

An exciting course of private lessons suitable for teenagers & Adults

Tuition for children, teenagers & adults
Suitable for all ages. 6 yrs to mature students Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced. Classical, & Traditional.
Music Examinations available through all recognized boards both classical & Traditional

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Violin classes are conducted on a private basis commencing in September and January consisting of 15 lessons.
The duration of the class is 30 minutes with practical and basic theory being the main focal point. The level of theory will depend on the practical level. Violin classes are suitable for all ages & standards, or students simply playing for pleasure or the serious musicians preparing for examinations or competitions.
Violin classes are available Tuesday & Thursday Learn to play the great classics from Bach, Mozart, and many many more.

Tuition Fee for 15 weeks: €370


FIDDLE CLASSES are available on a private basis only, and run from September to January. Consisting of 13 lessons.
Duration of the class is 30 minutes.

One of the main differences from the Violin being the style of music taught. Here we concentrate mainly on learning Irish music, i.e. polkas, jigs, reels, and hornpipes, the student can either learn from ear or learn to read the music notation.

Suitable for beginners, learning simple ballads and Irish tunes, to advanced players who would be looking to increase their repertoire and develop technique.
Examinations are now very popular for the Irish Traditional Fiddle and are available through the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Classes available Wednesday.

Tuition Fee for 13 weeks: €295

Enrolment for our Violin/Fiddle courses takes place during the summer months and right through to September. And then in December and January.
It is advisable to book early, as we have limited day and times.
The Clontarf School of Music has been teaching Violin/Fiddle of all styles for the past 22 years to people from all over Dublin.
We offer a commitment with our teaching practices and all our teachers come with high qualifications.

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