Clontarf School of Music

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An exciting new course of private lessons

Suitable for Teenagers & Adults
Private tuition Wednesday & Friday afternoon and Evenings
15 - week course.
We run this course every year commencing in September and January.

Tuition fee: €370.


Whether you want to sing Jazz, rock, pop, musicals or opera, a proper grounding in voice production and singing technique is invaluable.
You can discover how to protect your voice and avoid hoarseness, no matter how long or loudly you sing!
By using proper support, breathing, placing, you can learn to project your voice, dramatically improve tone, bring out the unique timbre and colour of your voice and enhance the creative interpretation of music with effective phrasing.
This is physically and mentally challenging requiring commitment and a passion for singing, but a lot of fun, and highly rewarding.
No previous experience is necessary, and while any age is an ideal time to begin, there is no upper age limit!

Ph: 087 8054963/ 087 7904420 Email: